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Aerostat Applications

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Airborne design and supply Aerostats that are used by military operators in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for diverse, but always demanding applications that require reliability and stability. As with all other Airborne aerostat systems, the company is able to provide training and support for local crews, as well as ongoing support for the entire system crews during its operational life.

The modern Aerostat offers an exceptionally robust and efficient means to lift an observation payload to altitude, providing the sort of extended loitering times that are impossible for powered flight systems. The stability and reliability of the systems have been proven over decades.

The aerostat offers a unique advantage other payload delivery systems due to its exceptional loitering times.  From days to weeks, the modern aerostat will deliver high quality payloads in all weathers. Find out more in our Aerostats Customer Guide.

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Airborne Industries’ Quality Assurance

All Airborne Industries Aerostats are designed and manufactured in-house by skilled staff with many years’ experience, using high quality materials in an ISO 9001 production environment. Regular material and process sampling, along with sub-assembly testing during the production process ensures that our products are made to the highest standard.

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Bespoke Solutions

Airborne Industries prides itself on tough, versatile and bespoke products to meet a range of operational and training requirements. The team are happy to discuss any customer needs and have the insight and technical experience to develop solutions to solve every requirement.