Airborne Industries Aerostats

Airborne Industries are the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of Tethered Aerostat Systems. With over fifty years’ experience in the field, the Airborne team manufacture tailored LTA solutions to meet the specific needs of the End User, providing an optimal operational and cost-effective solution. Airborne Industries products are currently being utilised in; Europe, The United Kingdom, The Middle East, and Asia.

The Aerostat team are able to provide; rigging, payload integration, and custom Ground Handling Systems through our team of specialists who are experts in their fields, including; electronics, metal fabrication, hydraulics and payload integration. The facilities at the Airborne Industries factory allow the team to provide a complete range of solutions from replacement envelopes through to fully integrated Tethered Aerostat Systems, with the ability to carry multiple payloads for a range of applications.

Manufacturing Aerostats

Initially the End Users’ individual requirements are considered by the Aerostat Design Team, which includes the application and weight of the payload required; the local climate; the launch site and the mission height AMSL. Every Airborne Industries Aerostat is tailored to the requirements of the customer eliminating unnecessary Helium use. From its design department in the UK, Airborne can also draw on its global network of specialists and suppliers to bring together state-of-the-art systems.

Airborne Industries use a range of unique gas-holding fabrics that are subject to stringent quality tests in an ISO 9001 production environment, ensuring a system that is secure enough to carry the mission essential payloads. All components of Airborne Industries Tethered Aerostats are designed, cut, processed and assembled by a highly skilled Production Team with decades of experience in manufacturing LTA systems.

Airborne Industries, Not Only A Manufacturer?

Full operational training provided by the Airborne Industries Operations team is available including how to successfully launch, recover and maintain the system to maximize the operational life. From Ground Crew to Flight Directors, Airborne can provide classroom based and field based training, fully documented to meet the needs of the individual customer.

Airborne Industries manufacture three ranges of Tethered Aerostat, the rapidly deployable Tactical Aerostat range, the midsized Operational range and the long endurance Strategic Aerostat range that has the ability to carry multiple payloads.