Leabridge Engineering

Airborne Industries Limited is a name that has been synonymous with the design and production of technical inflatable products for military users in excess of fifty years. Airborne Industries is a privately owned British company that originally manufactured and produced barrage balloons during the second World War under the name of Leabridge Engineering. Leabridge Engineering reformed in the 1960’s assuming the name Airborne Industries Ltd.

Icarus Training Systems

Pictured: Airborne Industries’ Modern Aerostat.

Based in Southend-On-Sea , England since the 1990’s, the company has continued to design, develop and manufacture it’s unique range of products since that time and through a process of acquisitions over many years. Airborne Industries is now a subsidiary of Icarus Training Systems Limited, a specialist in the design and manufacture of technical inflatable products for training aviation and military personnel.

Many of the companies employees have worked for Airborne Industries for decades and bring with them unparalleled experience in the development and design of Aerostats. As a result of becoming a subsidiary of Icarus Training Systems, Airborne Industries has redeveloped its core range of military products. It now is continuing to expand it’s customer base throughout the world, while continuing to develop and refine these historical products.