About Parachute Training Balloons

Parachute Training Balloons (PTB’s) have been the companies most successful range of Aerostats and are finding an increasing customer base as their low cost and reliability are appreciated by special force training groups around the world. Used over many years, the helium kite balloon provides a stable platform for the training of novice and parachutists.

The modern Airborne PTB is a direct descendent of the dependable Barrage Balloons. This established design has undergone many years of development within the RAF and is known to provide exceptional stability and consistency in it’s performance. The use of PTB’s offers reduced training costs and provides essential independence required to plan and execute training programs without the restriction of aircraft availability.

Technical Information

The balloon itself is simple, stable and very easy to use. The well proven design has very low power requirements and this eliminates the need for a complex tether or heavyweight battery packs. The electrically operated gas valve utilises a small battery pack in the gondola to provide power in the event of over-pressure. The ram-air ballonet and stabilisers eliminate the need for power hungry fans and ensure a stable flight in all conditions. Airborne Industries has been supplying Parachute Training Balloons to the Belgian Parachute Training School in Schaffen since the 1970s. Find out more about how Schaffen Training School utilises Airborne Industries Parachute Training Balloons to reduce Parachute Training costs.

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Learn more about Airborne Industries PTB’s in our free e-brochure including results of our recent cost analysis study, jump cycle capabilities, gondola allowance and required crew size.

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