Airborne Industries Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems

About Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems

Airborne Industries manufacture Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS Aerostats) for wide area surveillance. Due to the increased security threat in many regions, persistent surveillance has become critical in most military operations. With a flight duration of 7 days, the Aerostat systems ability to detect potential threats and provide intelligence to decision makers over long periods of time are unrivalled.

System Capabilities

The 850m³ system featured is able to monitor visual surveillance by utilising a Wescam MX-15. The MX-15 is a weight sensitive visual surveillance solution, an ideal payload for a PGSS Aerostat. The payload is designed to meet the needs of ISR and SAR missions by providing HD imaging resolution from Electro-Optical and Infrared cameras.

The system is able to detect moving ground targets using Blighter B400 Radar Systems. The blighter radar and two radar panels are mounted on a custom Chess Dynamics rotator providing 360° scanning capability.

The featured PGSS Aerostat also utilises a  CRFS RFEye Electronic Surveillance System. The CRFS RFEye system provides real-time radio monitoring for identification and geolocation of potential espionage, national security and public safety threats.

Airborne’s Aerostat systems are able to carry a wide range of payloads, each system is tailored to the requirements of the end user including payload capacity, desired nominal altitudes and flight duration.

Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems in Action

Airborne’s PGSS Aerostats have the capability to reach altitudes of over 2000ft AMSL, carrying payloads of up to 300kg. The images below are taken from action camera footage from initial deployment of the PGSS Aerostat to reaching full altitude during a successful test flight.

view from persistent ground surveillance system 1

view from persistent ground surveillance system 2

view from persistent ground surveillance system 3

view from persistent ground surveillance system 4

Airborne Industries Aerostat Ranges

There are three ranges of Aerostat manufactured by Airborne Industries, comprising of: the rapid response Tactical Aerostat range measuring between 100m³ to 210m³; The Operational Aerostat Range measuring between 400m³ to 650m³ and the Strategic Range. The Strategic Aerostat Range which is Airbornes’ largest range of Tethered Aerostat measuring from 850m³. This system is most commonly used for persistent ground surveillance due to the high altitudes the system can reach and the ability to carry multiple payloads.