PSATRI Aerostat: 850 m³ Manufacture, Training & Deployment

psatri aerostat

Airborne Industries’ most recent product has been successfully deployed during an exercise in February 2017 by the PSATRI* and the scientific arm of the Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia, at the Sultan Air Base in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

The 850m³ Aerostat, from the Airborne Industries Strategic range, has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. The high quality Mil-Spec system can reach heights of 2000 ft AMSL**.

The Aerostat system is designed to assist with border control. It has the capacity to carry multiple payloads including a 360° day and night camera with laser targeting, radar and electronic surveillance devices. This enables the system to detect targets and suspicious behaviour along the border.

Aerostat Operations

Training in the use of the Aerostat System was also carried out by Airborne Industries Operations Crew. The training covered safe deployment and effective use of the system to maximise effectiveness and the prolonged life of the equipment.

*Prince Sultan Advanced Technology Research Institute

**Above Mean Sea Level