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Schaffen Case Study

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Belgian Defence

Airborne Industries Parachute Training Balloon deployment (2016). More videos from Belgian Defence are available on the Belgian Defence YouTube channel.

Cost Effective Training

Airborne Industries has been supplying Parachute Training Balloons to the Belgian Parachute Training School in Schaffen since the 1970s. There are three nations who currently utilise balloons for parachute training. Belgium, Thailand and South Korea. The school uses the balloons for each paratrooper’s first two jumps before they move onto the aircraft, save considerably in costs. Also, due to having the balloon, they are able to offer parachute training to other groups to whom it would otherwise be unrealistic to train. This training, known as a Level B course, is open to members of the Belgium Army who wish to come and learn parachute skills. The Belgian Academy of Officers also comes to Schaffen once a year to undertake this Level B course. The training comprises a week’s ground school followed by four jumps from the balloon.