About Airborne Industries Targets & Decoys

Airborne Industries designs and manufactures a range of Targets & Decoys for military use. Airborne’s Targets & Decoys have been in service with the UK MOD for decades. They have been used at both their Spadeadam training centre and in Middle Eastern training operations and provide highly reliable and realistic training scenarios.

Each Target is manufactured by a highly experienced team using proven and approved materials which offer a tough and durable product, this ensures a long operational life. It is not unusual for Targets to be in service with regular heavy use for more than fifteen years, a benefit which makes them an extremely cost effective solution.

Product Ranges

All ranges can be accompanied by a a complete spares and refurb kit. Airborne Industries also offer a wide range of artillery pieces and accessories to order. Based on the customers specific requirement for realism and artwork, it is possible to build decoys based on any vehicle.

Product Ranges
BMP-1 BRDM-SA9 BTR-60PB T62 ZSU-23-4
BMP-2 BRDM-2 BTR70-PB T64 AMX-30

Design & Manufacturing Variations

There are two design and manufacturing options to consider when purchasing Targets & Decoys, each differs in terms of functionality, cost and training methods.

Simple Structure Targets & Decoys Complex Inner Tubing Structure
Olive Drab and Desert Sand Colours Available Olive Drab and Desert Sand Colours Available
Customer Specific Design Customer Specific Design
Continuous Air Source Required No Continuous Air Source Required
Cost Effective for Short Duration Exercises Extended Durability
High Levels of Representation can be met

Any Targets that incorporate projections, missiles, complex shapes are best suited to the complex inner tubing construction method. The design team are able to prepare schemes and options to meet the specific requirements of the customer. If there are any questions regarding alternative options for content, construction or artwork please contact us.