Tethered Aerostat Key Factors

There are a number of key factors that will determine the size of Tethered Aerostat you will need to select for your operation, and the following list while not exhaustive, does give a good indication of the factors that we will take in to account in our design process:

  • Payload Weight and Identity

  • Launch Altitude

  • Maximum Operational Altitude

  • Required Loitering Time

  • Climate at Operational Site

  • Route of Data Transmission Path

High altitude launch pads, high flight altitudes and hot climates all affect the choice of Aerostat required. With helium being a diminishing resource, it is therefore very important that you use the Aerostat correctly to achieve your operational requirements. The calculations required to establish the optimum sizes are complex, and we therefore require as much information as possible to be able to understand your requirements.

Crew Size and Crew Requirements

The crew sizes required differ with each class of aerostat in both assembly and operation, the approximate number of crew for each of Airborne’s ranges are as follows:

Tactical Aerostats Operational Aerostats Strategic Aerostats
Assembly Crew Size 3 4 6
Operational Crew Size 3 4 6*

*The Strategic systems usually include payload specialists and operators among their crews of up to six.

Portability & Ground Handling Systems

Each classification of Aerostat offers unique benefits, the Tactical systems manufactured by Airborne provides a highly portable solution tailored to the customers requirements. The Operational system are frequently transported with a 5 tonne vehicle to ensure safe transportation. The largest Aerostats offered by Airborne Industries, the Strategic systems are commonly based on fifth-wheel units towed by an HGV tractor unit.

The Tactical and Operational solutions available from Airborne Industries can be provided with proven ground handling systems, while the Strategic aerostats often require a bespoke solution to meet the requirements of specific locations and payload applications.

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